FIFA 13 Gameplay – Manchester United vs Atlético Madrid (HD)

Manchester United Video clip Score: four / five

OMG EA aree soooooooo stuppiiidd i just told EA ( that i lost my Messi and Ronaldo when EA went down and in a phew minuets i had them in my acount!

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YOU MUST READ THIS! I got free players and I want to share how. This works because ea doesn’t keep track of who has what players. All you have to do is message their player support email which is and tell them u got hacked and lost an amount of coins and some players like Ronaldo and Messi. At least have a gold team though because they won’t believe you if you have a bronze team. It works on both ps3 and Xbox. They respond quick to

No man, i played both games but, i think Pes 2013 shall take the licensed premier league, and more licensed teams. Fifa was always number 1 in soccer games. There is a better manager system. What i like in pes is there teams like Shaktar Donatsk, Dynamo Kiev, Steau Bucresti, Iran, Azerbadjian, Kazachstan. Fifa does a good job but, i will the Turkish league and Greek leaugue in Fifa 14 and sure Shaktar or any Argentinian team with talent. But i like Fifa 13 Very very much. Respect mate 😉

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new glitch in fifa 13 on ps3 that if u quick sell 3 serie B league Bari badges you will receive 100 000 coins on the 3rd badge you quick sell. you need to buy the ones of 2500 coins for the 3rd quick sell to work.

hahahah ea are sooo stupid. All you have to do is send an email to ea ( saying that you lost messi or whoever you want in ur team and they will send u a compensation package with your requested players immediately. they are sooo stupid but do it quickly before ea find out what everyone is doing!!!!!!!

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