Manchester United 2012/13 Nike Home Kit | Javier Hernandez

Manchester United Movie Ranking: four / 5

Chicharito looks better with his hair like that instead of cutting it, either way he’s a good looking guy.

I wish soccer jerseys where made with the team’s players names on them like the NFL Football jerseys.

man utds jersey may look like a table clothe bu u know wear table clothes go on top of the table

Im a Man Utd fan… it was point i was making because everyone was saying that the kit looked like a table cloth and i justified it by saying that it and utd belong at the TOP

It wasn’t a complimant, jog on and find a video where you’ll make some friends, City scum.

Come on man, that’s the worst type of striker. That means that if he isn’t scoring goals, he doesn’t do anything for the team. Why do you think he was benched the last season? If that guy isn’t scoring he is fucked.

oh your very confident i am united fan but in case you haven’t noticed there are more title contenders this season Chelsea are doing better than both Manchester clubs i still support united but i am getting scared of Chelsea not city like i was last season

Not to mention we did it off raising young players like Giggs, Scholes, the Neville brothers, Beckham, and many others.

Chicharito had a shit season last year, hope he gets better, i really like his style