FIFA 15 Career Mode – Manchester United #9 – Missing Reus & Feeling Pressure (FIFA 15 Gameplay)

Manchester United Video clip Ranking: four / five

Read the comments and leave it for you, don’t talk about them in your
videos, if you do that you will ignore stupid kids that are posting stupid
shit on your videos and they will stop because they wont have any
attention, if people dont like you or what ever they will stop watching you
and thats great. I love your videos and as you said its much more exciting
when you dont win every game, you are one of the most consistent youtubers
so keep it up bro!

Dude, i was playing fifa 15 today, whenever I start a match in player
career mode, its default set as 20 minutes. Been to settings and changed it
to 4 mins, still happening. Can you help? 

Instead of just rambling on over gameplay, why don’t you actually
commentate on whats going on in the game. And you seem to skip loads of
stuff that happens off the pitch, its hard to follow whats going on.
You should talk about whats going on ON THE GAME and not spend 4 minutes
talking about how you now get 1000 likes per video.

Thiis is probably my favourite series on YouTube ATM, but it REALLY annoys
me that you talk about all the haters in the comments. Other than that,
this is an awesome career mode, keep it up!

I like you losing, especially when it is up against teams like Chelsea.
Mainly because it makes the series a lot more realistic. 

You should get a 80+ CM…
Btw… ignore the haters, 99% of your subs actually love your videos.

Hey! I just found out about this channel today. Ive watched episode 1-9 so
far, its great! Ive got some feedback:
1. Please dont make excuses when things are going bad, its natural but it
doesnt stimulate people to keep watching.
2. Uve got alot of subs, but yet you keep 90% of your talking about
negative comments, ignore! It scares away the people who do like it.
3. Nice way of commenting! I like the style, try to stay neutral in the
tone of your voice if u dont want to reveal stuff :>

Keep up the good work and stay positive!

Literally 80% of the speech in your videos goes towards “the haters” and
“Oh, I haven’t won on a video game, I feel sad, they are going to kill me
now.. Like WTF. I don’t see them haters either way. In my opinion, if you
want your content to be better (which i’m sure you do), stop focusing on
the almost non-existing haters and talk about stuff that the people
watching this video care about, not two or three guys disliking a video. I
am sure you know PepsiFIFA. What does he do when he loses a game? He laughs
like a dumb twat :D:D Have fun!

I have just finished watching the Manchester utd season 1-9 and i feel it
was rather entertaining. I found your attitude and game-play appealing to
watch. However all the commentary on your loosing and draws your getting is
a little frustrating. When you talk about your players and their growth,
it is enjoyable to listen to but all the babbling on about haters is just
annoying. I’m not a hater I’m just saying if people are that put off by a
few draws and losses you shouldn’t be disheartened at all. I’ll watch your
next video, but i must say if its a re make of this video (in terms of
commentary) i think that’ll be the end of the road for me. But good luck !

This is not a personal attack at you but I love your videos and I think
it’s annoying that in every video you talk about your haters when maybe if
you concentrate on your gameplay you would get better results and also try
to improve certain aspect of your game and also you cannot tell people not
to unsubscribe because they do it for a reason whether it’s because they
don’t like your videos interns of your content/the way you play this game
or your annoying or something like that. Lastly if a sub say something in
which they didn’t mean as a hate comment stop trying to impress or prove
them wrong and saying “look at me now” or “go play the game yourself”. In
all I like your vids and I hope you do well

If you have two career modes and you buy a young amazing player or the
money thing that you can buy in the EA store what career mode does that go

hey footy can you give me some advice? Are you partnered with a network or
youtube? I’m partnered with youtube but TGN have recently asked me to
partner with them and I was wondering if you had any advice about TGN. I’ve
heard it’s bad but i’ve heard its good and some youtubers with 1 million
subs like Xrpmx13 are on there.

You can’t really say im going for realism. If you were going for realism
you wouldn’y have signed Laporte, Reus, Tichlemmens, De Sciglio. I find the
best career modes are the ones where you sign players who are actually
linked with those clubs. Not to bad mouth these episodes which have me
hooked atm – just suggesting an idea for your next career mode!

You are doing ok so don’t keep worrying about not winning all the time. It
is a lot harder this year. Defending can be tough the way players dribble
past you and defenders don’t seem to respond as quick. I don’t want to see
you winning every game as it’s more realistic the way the games go. Keep
doing what you are doing. You are getting the subs so you must be doing
things right. 

Tip on taking frees on holding L1 (PS so which ever is Xbox equivelant I’m
not sure) and pushing up left analog stick with high power (baring in mind
how far out you are) i find is the best way! And if you are just outside
box and do it with low power and wall jump it goes under the wall or aim
away from the wall and go for top corner on keepers side, you can get
lucky…. Just a thought for you and corners are same for me really
struggling with them

I like your comment about when you said ‘you feel you have pressure to win
every game.’ I liked this comment, bc I think in real life if you are the
manager of a team like Man Utd, then you would feel pressure to win. And us
who watch your videos are the fans, so of course we would want u to win :xD

Hey man, i’m a new sub and just wanted to say i’m really enjoying this
About the added time. I think it depends on what real time half length you
play, because if you think about it, 1 or 2 minutes added time would be an
extra 1/2 second(s) real time. I normally play longer matches on FIFA and
typically get 3/4 minutes added time.
Keep it up fella :)

Please don’t take all these comments the wrong way. Use it as constructive
criticism to make your videos better. It kinda does get annoying when you
repeat yourself about the “haters” or “how you think you’re shit about the
game”. You just gotta relax and enjoy the game. By saying the same thing
over and over, it makes the video less enjoyable to watch. Please don’t
take this the wrong way mate. Love the content and this series. Keep up the
good work :)