FIFA 13 : Manchester United Career Mode – FA Cup Semi Final

Manchester United Video Rating: 5 / 5

Well done with´╗┐ the win!!. It reminds me of 2007 UEFA CL Chelsea vs Man United the same as it happened

you should try executing more through balls and lob passes. that´╗┐ is jut my opinion

for your next cb get angelo ogbonna from toronto he is a´╗┐ 79 cb 86 strength 82 sprint speed 88 jumping 83 inteceptions 82 marking and hes 24 u can get him from like 8- 11 million

As the season comes to an end I’m going to be doing live comms for the final matches so´╗┐ stay tuned ­čśŤ

Bro´╗┐ make videos of at least half hour because as a manchester united fan, its worth watching for me ­čÖé

Great job!

Goalies having a better-than-usual day at work are always a pain for me in any sports (be´╗┐ it FIFA or NHL).