Unbelievable Tekkers! Wayne Rooney scores a golazo in Manchester United’s warm-up v West Ham

Manchester United Online video Score: 4 / 5

There’s no description because the person who films it cannot speak English… 🙁

All u fuckin numpty’s male me laugh sayin waynes overated yet u all know he’s englands best player by far n if he wernt in the england squad theyd never score coz it’s either rooney scoring or with the assist to another united player

The reason he isn’t doing as good as he used to is cause he’s changed positions, plus that united team is shit, so he has to do most things for himself.

pure class……..man utd 4 the league tis year…by far the biggest club in world football

@Tomo Vuković it is for the warm up before the match. It is so they dont tred up the grass around the goalmouth 🙂

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