Toure Is In Support For Balotelli In His Limp Form

While almost the entire football world is criticizing Liverpool’s decision of signing up an off-form Balotelli, his teammate Kolo Toure is confident about the stellar power of the Italian striker.

In fact, according to Toure, Mario is one among the best of strikers in international football & he would very soon shut up his critics with his true glorious form. Fortunately for him, the Italian striker has finally come out from his long-standing goal drought recently in Liverpool’s dramatic triumph against Swansea City.

The Italian player inspired a kind of belated flourish from Reds as the man equalized simply 6 minutes post coming off bench that was followed by Lovren heading home as the last-gasp winner.

The Swansea match marked the 2nd goal from Mario since his 16 million pounds of summer shift to Liverpool from AC as one of the replacements for Luis Suarez- & his first one on the last 9 matches.

Centre-back Kolo, who also appeared alongside the Italian striker at Manchester, firmly believes that the famine is now transcending to feast scenario for this controversial player.

“For the strikers, goal is like food”, remarked Kolo while speaking on his confident stance about Mario.

“He is required to feed himself with his own goals. Now that he has already got one, he would be doing that continuously, certainly. Getting the goal would be amazing to boost up his confidence level. He’s a fantastic player, it’s just that he is lacking in gals at present”, Toure continued.

“He is my fellow & I have geared to help Mario just like Gerrard (Stevie), the manager & everybody else in our dressing room. All of us know that he’s great player. He is one among the best”, Toure added in.