Sir Alex Ferguson 25 Years- Manchester United

Manchester United Video Rating: four / five

i heard a guy say that Manchester is blue the other day…..turns out he was color blind

Alex Ferguson pays the ref he is the worst manager ever. No way am i calling him Sir!!!

i`m from germany and i love the english football sir alex ferguson is the best manager of all time

@ryanwalker6 .SAF is irreplaceable n the bestest ever n Think twice or thrice before u comment asshole!!

but if it’s made from plastic everyone will think you support one of them plastic clubs that were founded in 2008 like city or chelsea.

united fans why waste more money on yet another expensive man utd replica football shirt just strap a large plastic penis to your foreheads it will be obvious to everybody which team you support!!!!!

old baconface has done well but still theres that dodgy past of the club he manages!!!!! ITS 1989 lets have a vote fergie in or out  95% OUT ……. 5%IN

can anyone tell me why are all ex utd players r shite at managing football clubs?

dont be so touchy!!!!!! i remember it very well fergie out fergie out loyal fans my arse

David is such a humble person,i would never be able to say this words toward AF if he would do all the nasty things he did to David . well Done David,real Legend