Shinji Kagawa Manchester United Debut

Manchester United Movie Score: four / five

I hope kagawa won’t end up benching at Manu. He has so much potential. Miss you in Dortmund homie. Good luck!

i think he has the talent to become 1 of the best player in the world and his at the perfect club to achieve it ………. gloy glory man united

kagawa is way better than hazard because his more a technical player , has quick feet and could pass the ball accurately barely give it away. he will suprise lots teams this season.

bet this video is the only time you have ever seen kagawa and i bet you have seen next to nothing of oscar and hazard.

that awkward moment when the table cloth isn’t on top of the table.
and also where does everything else go? on top of the table cloth

He was shite in the olympics even marcelo and robertocarlos said oscar didn’t show his potential in the olympics and hazard is good don’t get me wrong but he still goes down well too easily

Oscar was great in the Olympics, you dummy. Not Hazard’s fault people can’t handle his twists and turns so they resort to fouling him.

your kit looks like a strawberry with orange chocolate thrown on it and the capital 1 cup yay great trophy like yay very good even wolves play there reserves in it so go take your head out your arse and win the league like yous say your gonna do each year oh yeah 15 mil for allen,20 mil for downing,16 mil for henderson,35 mil for carroll and 11 mil for borini yeah great team

oscar is shite saw him in the olympics he was awful and hazard yeah great at falling over and backheeling…..or not

lol hes genius he comes on for 90 seconds then nearly assisted berabtov with a goal brilliant!!! hope he does well tonight 😀