Shinji Kagawa – Let’s Go – Goals, Skills, Pass – Manchester United – 2013

Manchester United Video clip Rating: four / 5

I feel for the guy, he was originally brought to play behind Rooney
as number 10. But then Robin Van Persie was available and he was too good
for a player for Ferguson to miss. Still though, he was played often. Then
Moyes came and Rooney signed a new contract and also signed Mata. That was
it for Kagawa. I wish him well in Dortmund. 

Sad we sold this guy. The way United has been rejuvinated under Van Gaal, i
would have loved to see where those moments of brilliance he showed would
have gone. Too bad Moyes couldn’t spot talent if it hit him on the head.

Kagawa is wayyyy better than Mata.Mata is just an ordinary CAM and boring
to watch.You will see how great he is when he come back to Dortmund

Kagawa is a great player no doubt about that! I love his style very much
and also his humanity:)

If ManU cant utilize Kagawa or appreciate him, I hope Barcelona takes him
under their wing.

Sad how it went at United..
I was so excited when they signed him, but now, after two seasons of
misuse, he’s off again.. sad.
Would’ve though Van Gaal might have wanted to keep a technically gifted
player like him around. And that he might have actually used him right..
again, sad.

Man I feel bad for him even though I know he makes almost over 10x salary
than I do for a year. He might lacks the physical ability for the EPL
standard but he’s still good enough to make games for MAnU. And guess what
you dont need that much physical ability when you’re a game maker. 

Por qué se empeñan en poner música mierder en todos los vídeos de
futbolistas? Es una cosa que no entiendo…