Neymar 2012 Skills | Show Me A Sign | (Part 8) | HD | by Creative7

Manchester United Video Score: four / five

sou corinthiano e adimiro o belo futebol entao apeovo o futebol de neymar jr mais devia ir pra europa neh neymar

Your Neymar vids are great, just ignore the haters. Personally i think with the time put into them its well worth the wait. Id much rather wait 3 months to watch a well edited video that makes me want to come re watch it again than to see a bunch of plain, unedited clips of neymar put together to make a video every week. Give the guy a break, afterall he does this for us…. and he doesnt have to! But he does be grateful. 🙂

I’m from Japan I don’t read English

Serzant, don’t worry about these few idiots. You don’t HAVE to do these videos. You do because you enjoy to give us these small bursts of hapiness in our days.

Modestep – Show Me A Sign nome musica velho ta ali em cima na descriçao do video lado direito =D