Men…Or Mice? | Stoke City 2-1 Manchester United | REVIEW

Manchester United Movie Ranking: 4 / five

to be honest, some blame lies in fergie, he brought him. that gave him
influence over him which fergie wouldnt have if we brought klopp, mourinho
or gus hidding. and dont forget scottish factor. i do feel for moyes, nice
bloke and no doubt he is trying his best, but its quite clear that it
doesnt matter which world class player u might bring, when u are playing
over and over same boring hoofball with no results. quite simple, no CL, no

These are my thoughts…

1) When we played against Cardiff I still wasn’t impressed. Given it was
Cardiff and the lack of possession we had, it just wasn’t convincing for us
to make league comeback

2) Moyes can’t select teams. Lets admit it though, we all like a scapegoat
– I didn’t think Cleverley played that bad relative to his USUAL SELF. He
still isn’t creating meaningful passes.

3) I thought it went downhill when Evans went off and we had a re-shuffle –
RVP hardly ever got the ball after that.

4) We injured the sh*t out of their players and we still lose. Perhaps the
lack of continuity disrupted our flow. But it’s always f*cking injury time
where we AMP it up. It’s not like we don’t have the ability to play well.
It’s just that we only have glimmers of it.

5) Although on paper it makes sense to put RVP, Mata, Rooney, Young, if you
think about it all these guys are not 100% match fit. Young has had one or
two more matches than the rest.

6) In recent times, what worked was 2nd half Swansea when Januzaj and
Kagawa swapped. With Carrick and Fletcher midfield. The amount of chances
with those players in that match. Then Moyes changed a working team for
both against Sunderland and Chelsea, giving losses. I really don’t get it.
Does he not analyse player performance. Is it just random selection?

7) We’re not taking enough chances. Mata just did simple touches even
compared to his debut. I’d rather we attempt those audacious passes or
crosses (like Rooney was doing when playing deep) and risk losing the ball.

No offence but Man U have never been a good club, they can’t make their own
players, ferguson was a lier and a cheat and currently you’ll be lucky to
make the Europa league, no matter who you buy your always gonna be a
mediocre club.

Fuck, shit, ass, piss, twats, fock, assholes – pick your poison I’m sure
you like me said all of those after this game.

But Rebecca… you said that you will just have to keep doing what you been
doing all season, picking yourselves up and dusting down….. yous haven’t
even picked yourself up once, let alone again. Don’t even start with
dusting down, you didn’t have to last season so what’s the problem?.

Moyes after losing- “I though we played well, I thought we deserved to win,
I thought Cleverley did a good job blowing me last night…”
He, more that anyone else, needs a hairdryer from Fergie.

we need a centre back left back 2 centre midfield players, mata hasnt
solved any of the major problems we had. zaha is making moyes look a fool
by beasting it for cardiff on his debut while we are still watching ashley

why the hell is moyes playing mata out wide
is he trying to contrive another kagawa situation?

I’ve had enough. Surely David Moyes has to be gotten rid of now. Awful team
selections, awful tactics, awful subs, blind press conferences. Took over
the Champions and today had a first team which consisted of RvP, Rooney,
Mata and Carrick and still messed it all up. Sack the useless c*** and get
Gus Hiddink in before Moyes does any further damage to the great club. The
blind Moyes apologists can stick it.

There’s no doubt that we were unlucky at times, but there’s no disguising
the failings against Stoke. Here’s Rebecca with her thoughts from a car
park in the Potteries!

Omg I’m really getting fed up listening to the reviews…. its the same
excuses week in and week out. Its that bad that if they get beat now I know
what the person on the video is gonna say before I watch it.

The problem is Moyes he has to go. How the hell can you let Zaha go he is
what we need to get behind defences cross the ball and score. Thanks Moyes
for nothing.

The most frighting thing to me is that Moyes doesn’t even seem to be
worried about loosing his job. Mata is a great player but he hardly needed
him. Moyes and his staff are turning Manchester United into a mediocre
team. How are we supposed to compete against clubs like Chelsea and City if
cant beat Stoke

The Luftwaffe didn’t break our spirit, Munich didn’t break our spirit,
relegation didn’t break our spirit but today United’s spirit lies battered
& bruised, can it be repaired ? all I have to hang onto is Belief. 

juan mata looked very good on the ball didnt waste much his best stuff was
when he was central or cutting in witch is a issue when playing him as a
winger i think cm is real issues we should be able to dominate a bit more
in the middle of the park

i have thought this and most will agree how is cleverly a man u nite player
that chance to= skies over bar granted i still think draw would have been a
bad result arrr so frustrating Juan mate epic sighing just not a priority
for me;[

slight worry was david moyes in his interview i dont think we played well
enough to say we should have got anything out of that game his made few
comments this season witch from a neutral point of view is incorrect hel
come good i hope;]

Give Moyes 5 years before you judge his legacy in this transition phase. DO

Don’t blame players! These are the champions of last season. Only a good
manager can get the best out of players and thats what fergie did last
season and thats what fergie expected from Moyes. But he let us down! Moyes
is not new to EPL, he has been in the league since 2002 I think He is
taking too much time to gain the momentum!!

Why is tom cleverly getting such a kick in when carrick has been terrible
all year, yes last season he played well this season we win more when he is

Rebecca you maybe get stick on here coz u keep saying moyes needs time and
build his squad etc. But how long??? He has had 2 transfer windows and aint
addressed it. If moyes could not find a better CM then cleverly in 2
windows then he dont need more time. 6 losses in 8. #MoyesOut

To much Moyes and Cleverly bashing from plastic fans. Ban the glory hunters
go support city. In Moyes we trust.