Manchester United Will Spruce Up Its Defense In The Coming Season

As per Juan Mata, one of the star players of United, the team will soon be back in force and would be claiming titles like before.

The club might be going through a difficult time, but the team continues to hold their spirits high. Even though Louis van Gaal has been criticized for the performance of the team, he feels that the fans deserve that the FA cup is won by the team for them. With the upcoming match between Crystal Palace and Manchester United, there is definitely a lot of pressure on United. At other times there might not be any doubts about who would win, but with United having performed dismally in the last couple of months, many are supporting the underdog Crystal Palace and stating that they would probably make the wine.

Juan Mata is, however, quite positive about the team and the fact that they would soon be winning titles as per their previous performances. Most players of the team are still hopeful for a win in the coming match against Crystal Palace.

Whether or not the club makes a win in the upcoming match, players like Mata are confident of their style and mentality that is sure to attract wins. The team has been going through a series of disappointments which included losing out to be part of the Champions League in the forthcoming season. Marcus Rashford is among the star players on the team on whom the team has high hopes. He has scored about eight goals among the seventeen appearances that he has had for the club. Anthony Martial is another player who would be brought in for the next season. And these players will probably help to up the den fence of the team as per Mata who continues to play a crucial role for the team.