Manchester United Vs Norwich City 0-1 Sir Alex interview 17/11/2012

Manchester United Video Rating: 4 / five

You’re on another City clip (one of many) and a guy from Manchester puts you on the spot.You tell him “I’m British and was born in the uk”.Why?Do you not get that we don’t do that?An English person would say”I’m English,or I’m from Bolton,Warrington or whatever.You chose to fuck off and not get into it,I ask you the same and you hilariously do the same thing,”I was born in England”.You’re trying to bluff a Mancunian thhat you’re Manc and you haven’t even mentioned the wod Manchester to me yet.

I’m a neutral dude.Stop stalking me gloryhunter.9>3.Amen.13-5-2012,City are champions of England.23-10-2011,man u/fa 1 6 City,snigger,snigger.p.s Amen.

United = 19 titles and 3 Champions leagues so shut up you pathetic gloryhunting prick. United is and always will be better than man shitty.

7-12-2011,Basel(from Switzerland)2 1 man u/ u/fa fail to qualify from another really easy group.Stop stalking me dude,it’s not normal.9>3.Amen.

How am I ‘stalking’ you. You’re the gloryhunter here. Atleast United were actually able to get into the final and that’s something shitty will never achieve hahaha pathetic shitty gloryhunting scum. Ajax 3 Man Shitty 1 hahahahahaha

Don’t worry everyone knows that you are retarded. Of course you can clearly see that I’m American when you don’t even know who I am and where I live and you don’t even have any evidence. I don’t give a shit if retards like you don’t believe I was born and live in England. Just fuck off and die you thick troll cunt. Why don’t you American gloryhunting City bastards fuck off of United clips then you fucking wanker. Give me proof of how I’m American you fucking pathetic twat.

Also stop stalking me gloryhunter.I don’t wish to converse with the likes of you.7-4-2010,Robben!.What a hoot,and hats off to Norwich,who have never won a trophy!9>3.Amen.Ajax=4 European cups which includes a 3 in a row,man u/fa=3 who never won back to back European Cups and never will either!May 2011,Barca 3 1 man u/fa,Rooney and Vidic both collect their second losers’ CL medal,snigger,snigger.9>3.Amen.

If man u/fa were in City’s group with Real,Ajax(4 times champions of Europe) and Dortmund,they would not qualify from that group u/fa only beat Chelsea in 08 due to bad tactics by the Chelsea manager and the same in 1999,2 flukey goals in bogus injury time.Norwich who are a useless team who have spent much time in the lower divisions should have been beaten, my local pub team would beat them so spare us the feeble excuses dude!man u/fa beat Villa without ‘important’ players.9>3.Amen

Remeber the unforgettable moment when you got turfed off the city clips because it was discovered you’re an AMERICAN posing as a Mancunian? Go on cunt,where did you live in Manchester? Mr fucking British from the UK you fucking wanker go away and watch some baseball “ya sonofabitch mothafucka!”

You are NOT FUCKING ENGLISH and you are NOT MANCUNIAN.I’ve seen you getting fucked off numerous CITY CLIPS you pathetic twat.You even have the cheek to have a go at fellow Americans when it’s obvious you’re from there yourself.I’m blatant about why I opened this channel.Don’t kid yourself you’re doing anything different you fucking fat American joke bastard.”I’m British and was born in the uk”,fuck off mate you fucking prat.English footy is fuckall to do with you.

Remember that unforgettable night when man shitty got thrashed by Ajax, a mickey mouse team. We only lost to shitty and norwich because many of our important players were injured. Shitty spent millions of cash on mercenary players and yet they still can’t beat mickey mouse teams like Ajax. United reached the CL final in 2011 and with shitty’s money you would expect them to atleast make it out of the group stages but they didn’t hahaha
United = 3 Champions leagues
Shitty = 0 Champions leagues

I’m a neutral dude.Remember the 23-10-2011 dude?man u/fa 1 6 City followed by that unforgettable night in Basel when man u/fa failed miserably to qualify from a mickey mouse group!City unluckily are in a very tough group,unlike man u/fa who always get easy groups.If man u/fa were in City’s group with Real and B.Dortmund,man u/fa would too be struggling to qualify from such a group dude.Anyway,congrats to Norwich,a team who haven’t won a trophy since???.9>3.Keep looking up dude.Amen.

hahaha You’re so obsessed with United that you named your account after their manager and troll United videos you fucking hypocrite. I’m not American so fuck off you cunt. You’re probably American yourself you pathetic Man Shitty gloryhunting twat. Go die you retarded pile of shit.

You got beaten by Ajax 3-1 so fuck off you gloryhunting cunt. 19 titles and 3 Champions leagues you fucking twat. City will never get past the group stage let alone reach the final in the Champions league hahahah

Christ a youtube clip with you on it that isn’t actually a City clip for once and you’re still obsessing about City.Aren’t you the chap who pretends to be “British” but you’re really an American?

My team is shit, and that’s a fact,my team is shit, and that’s a fact! What a pile of shit this squad is that I’ve got now.We’re skintypoos and we’re shit as fuck! No’ be winnin’ a 20th in my lifetime! NORWICHance!

Gotta hand it to Norwich, they played really well defensively and never let up, was truly a good shift they put in. The goal, well was a really good header into an unstoppable part of the net, nothing he could’ve done. This just shows that the quality of the link up play between RVP and Rooney is paramount to score goals and give us the creativity we need behind the strikers. Next game, I feel sorry for the other team lol.

Hey dude/gloryhunter,how’s the form since lowly Norwich outclassing man u/fa and winning 1-0?I’m having a real old hoot at man u/fa’s expense,snigger,snigger.Remember the date 7-12-2011 dude?9>3.Amen.

I’m sorry but the term fucked us over would have implied that Manchester United to lose by more than one goal. The truth is there is no excuse for the defeat. but dont overexagerate.

Lmao, you talk tough on YouTube, son. Let’s see if you got the actual balls to ram him. If my miracle he doesn’t get out and massacre your skinny ass, the police will actually throw you in jail where you’re gonna get raped by many muscular men – your fantasy come true, isn’t it? =)

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