Manchester United vs Liverpool 2-1 11/02/2012 | Suarez Evra Handshake incident

Manchester United Video clip Score: 2 / five

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hahahahahhhhha liveprpools lowest leuge finish in years and they think there good for winning the carling cup but ther just a bunch of diving wingers. united forever 

well, at some point i agree with you. They took advantage to that kind of thoughts.

shut the fuck up because you do not know what you are talking about and sound very ignorant.

I know that but everyone keeps pointing out Suarez can’t be racist because he has a black grandfather so he can not be racist which im pointing out humanity begain in Africa with dark skin but do we still have racism , yes we do. suarez is not the same race & his grandfather. Even 2 weeks ago a Chelsea fan was arrested for making monkey noises & he has a black grandchild.

“jugo” asi que estan tomando jugo los jugadores ahora, mira que bien no savia… aprende a escrivir ignorante.

umm i am in a legal couse in university if that’s what you call uneducated, so be it and suarez was being insulted in spanish by evra so he retaliated saying, “que te pasa negrito” meaning are you alright black boy, in a sarcastic way and just so you ignorant beings know, “negrito” isn’t insulting in South America nor Spain, now whether evra is humiliated or traumatised over being black that’s his problem not suarez’s.

you need help humanity was formed millions of years ago, suarez’s grandfather wasn’t born millions of years ago he would have been born 60-100 years ago…

EA Official?? WTF u been drinking u sad cunt WTF does EA got to do with Evra and racist cunt Suarez? GFTO of the internetz u sad fuck lol EA