Manchester United 4-0 Chelsea (Agg 6-3) – FA Youth Cup Semi Final – 20-04-11

Manchester United Video Rating: four / five

Dive or not. We still won the match. Looks like Chelsea academy is so bad thats why Chelsea needs to buy so many big players LOL

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bullshit.. he managed to steady himself then suddenly realized he wasn’t going to get the ball..
blatant dive…
can’t believe the ref fell for it.

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Ravel Fucking Morrison, better attitude and you would be a starter for united within 3 years, such as shame.

hi, I am Brazilian and I cheer for the SC Corinthians Paulista and came here just to say “CHUPA CHELSEA” hahaha

lets give a try..u run as fast as u can & i’ll try catch ur feet..try to avoid it..and lets see if u kiss the ground or not…stupid

actually he dived. Watch properly, you’ll see that he avoided the keeper by jumping and then dived even when he had full balance.

There was no contact whatsoever lol. I’m a Chelsea fan sure, and I know we would have lost regardless, but there was clearly no contact.

Yeah, because he has a horrible attitude. He has the ability to be as good as Messi.