Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich.Champion League Final. THIS IS A YEAR

Manchester United Video Ranking: 4 / 5

I watched it live on telly and never felt bored watching it time and time
again over the years.

I have an indelible memory of that night!´╗┐

Nostalgic, I was 14, and I will never forget it. Great!! —-MeXiCo.´╗┐

The ultimate comeback… Btw, what’s the name of the song until 1:26?´╗┐

I will never forget the final years when I was 12-13 to end Manchester! I
was a child I cried like a baby: * :)´╗┐

Tetep aja ampe sekarang ini tetep jadi pertandingan sepakbola yang paling
hebat yang pernah gue nonton walau tim favorit gue kalah
Bikin merinding´╗┐