Man Utd 3-2 Chelsea Hernandez Interview 28/10/2012

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You support Chelsea and you’re from Canada so I’m assuming you started following FOOTBALL in around 2005. In a PL match if the ball is obstructed by a players arm the referee is likely to give a free kick/penalty. You should stop worrying about other teams when your team is struggling to get a draw against West Ham. Again referee’s don’t win you 19 titles and I’m sure the FA would’ve noticed by now if that was the case.

You may want to educate yourself with Soccer rules before you embarrass yourself on the web brother. Law No. 12 – Fouls and Misconduct (Handling the ball) explicitly for a hand ball to be called there has to be a “movement of the hand to ball, Not ball to hand.”

Second yellow card on Torres was wrong… fact not an excuse, offside winning goal by chacharito….fact not an excuse. As a mater of fact, red card against Jonjo Shelvey (Liverpool match) was wrong and that is a fact, the winning penalty against liverpool on the same match was also wrong and that is a fact not an excuse. And Man U would not be at the top of the PL table today if not for those “referee assisted” points. And that is a FACT!!

really? in the future, take my word that in 5 years when tech is introduced, Manchester united will be the most hated team around. plus the goal hernandez scored was offside btw

i bet the ref was wearing a Manchester United shirt under that. fucking hate how united get pathetic decisions their way, if technology was introduced to football and the refs were all fired then Manchester united wouldn’t even be in the premier league. Their a bunch of diving cheats.

its ten games on the PL now, how many decisions have gone against Man U? zero, See how many bad decisions have gone against teams like Liverpool this season. Man u would not be at the top of the table today, if not for the refs they would have, at least, four points less. No body has has given statistics to confirm your claim that favourable calls balances out with bad calls at the end of the season.

Question already answered….. read my response b4 to go back ask the same question bro’, it might help…

they can give decisions in a game that can help u win games. winning games helps u win titles. however throughout the season your team will always get bad decisions given against them so its swings and roundabouts it all pretty much balances itself out in the end. one thing is for sure though refs cant win u 19 titles. united are the most succesful team in the country and to say its bcoz of the referees is madness