Luis Nani – Skills & Goals – Portugal & Manchester United 2012 HD | CO-OP

Manchester United Video clip Score: 4 / five

Nani, if given the chance. Can change games.
His skill, pace, and power is outstanding.
If he was given the chance to gain his confidence back, he could be the main reason we win the league again.

Nani is a B- player @ best to me – his mentality lets him down example he plays kinda for himself and not the team tries to be fancy in situations when a simple pass is more adequate! Pass the ball is more effective then all the tricks will come naturally and be MORE effective

I think Nani is one of the worlds best players so why we are going to sell him whe he is not old. And he is good at skills, scoring goals, passing, crossing and freekicks so why are we selling him.

Better than Valencia. People are in love with AV because he’s ‘consistent’ but it’s really a symptom of our shit midfield. Nani’s a short-range player and a match-winner. If we moved to a 4-2-3-1 Nani would tear it up. But he’s being expected to cover for Scholes and Carrick, and now we’re gonna sell him to a club who WILL know how to use him and he’ll be top-class. We’ll regret it, trust me.

Miss nani starting with the first team, scoring amazing goals. COME ON NANI!!!!

unfortunately alot of fans hate him. I support Man U and I personally love Nani, my favourite player at United! Fergie needs to give him a chance!!

Such a great player. If he was more consistent, he would be better than Valencia and one of the top wingers in the world. Also one of my favorite players from MUFC, When he’s consistent he’s a game changer.