Javier Hernández | Chicharito | – The Best Goals • Emotions – Manchester United 2013 HD

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Javier Hernandez must leave Manchester United to save his career, David
Moyes is just runining him, giving him absolutely no chance at all to get
into the starting eleven, No offense Manchester United Fans, but if this
continues Javier Hernandez will end up suffering the same fate as Fedricho
Macheda, Same goes to Kagawa, he too need to leave, Moyes is just ruining
them, I don:t get Moyes decision at all, he got 2 world class players here,
and he choose to ignore them!!! From A Arsenal Fan

and sometimes I think the coach only puts him in when he pissed so
chicharito can score

chicharito should get more time it looks like he is the only 1 making goals
and sometimes ronney but chcicarito always makes them

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez needs to leave Man United he doesn’t get much
play time and he’s a great player.

I wish Javier could some how read my comment. I think its time for you to
start thinking of maybe changing to another club. A club where you could
get more playing time. This new coach will be like the old one, keep you in
the bench until he gets desperate and than he’ll put you in . Screw that
Javier, you need to be playing every week. Fucken love you, eres el mejor !

Chicharito is a good player on Manchester United & Mexico Respect for the
homie Chicharo

For a little guy he is awsome in the air. He has it in him to be a utd
legend. Hes a goal predator and hungry. but i feel for him when hes on the
bench. Hes a great sub but deserves to start more. I want to see more of
hernandez hes a nightmare for defenders and great to watch.

And the name of this insane song, ladies and gentleman, IS…. “Fedo Mora
with “Do You Remember”!