Javier Hernandez has never been able to establish a place in the main squad of Manchester United even when the managers are switched out, it seems like the Mexican attacker cannot find a consistent spot in their starting lineup.

Hernandez made his debut season with Manchester United in the 2010-11 season and from there on out he has been making over 20 appearances for the Premier League club in every single season but most of them are just presences from the bench as he is used as a substitute player more than anything else.

There have been rumors, most notably on the engeland italie odds site, floating around claiming that Hernandez spoke to David Moyes on a number of occasions as he has expressed his frustrations with his lack of playing time. The Mexican performer wants to leave the club and he has been linked with Athletic Madrid as Hernandez can be used as a replacement for Diego Costa who is closing in on Chelsea.

His lack of playing time will surely affect his chances of appearing and playing for Mexico in the upcoming World Cup and he wants to be fit for the worldwide competition but it won’t happen if he does not get the chance to perform for Manchester United and it does not seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon.

The playing time of Hernandez will be one of the things that Moyes will be less worried about considering that he is being heavily pressured after what has been a disastrous season for Manchester United as they were knocked out of the FA Cup, Carling Cup and Champions League. The staff members of the club are considering whether or not he should continue in charge of Manchester United for another season.