Giggs goal & Manchester United 2-1 Arsenal – FA Cup semi final replay 1999 | FATV

Manchester United Video Score: 4 / five

MUFC the greatest team in England & one of the greatest in the world! how d u like that,tw@t? I’m lovin’ it 🙂

Ha ha the good thing about man utd is thay don’t have to spend 400 million to win a cup

Gary Bloom was the best commentator IMO. He called matches brilliantly. You didn’t even have to be in the same room to know what was going on.

im 9 and we knocked u out the fa cup,LIVERPOOL and can we please stop arguing now,cause want to watch some videos

WOW U HAVE 9 SUBS, congrats i dont even make videos, and i wont be mean to u since ur only 6 but dont say giggs is crap little guy when u dont even know how much he has accomplished and won

I really feel bad for Bergkamp as a top class player. With his magic, he could have won a world cup or an euro cup but the reality is cruel.

HAHAHAHA dont make me laugh, i looked at ur channel and could not stop laughing, ur 6 and u review toys, u werent even born when this happened LOLOLLOL