FIFA 13 : Manchester United Career Mode – Season 2 – Part 10

Manchester United Video Rating: 4 / 5

David Graham does exist I just got mixed up, David plays for Sheffield and it was Danny that I was mean’t to say.

Yeah your right, but David Graham did play at Swansea though, right? If not then who knows what the hell I was thinking. Thanks for letting me know.

Normally I would just stick with 1 formation throughout the whole of the season and maybe change it if needed desperately. Thats what I used to do on Football manager anyway. If I’m going to pick a formation its going to be the 4-4-1-1

You should play the 4-2-3-1 and stop messing with other formations then you might win more and you need to start Jones and Hummels at centre-back.please reply

If you get asked for the Argentina position, accept it, then you have Messi!!! Italy don’t have that many serious players, unlike Argentina, also if you get spain, accept it too, you get Casillas, Xavi, wow… Also try aiming for Sweden or Netherlands too. Sweden because of Ibrahimovic 😀 Last thing, if you get England first accept that, just think. Rooney, Welbeck, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Joe Hart and Theo Walcott.

I think you can’t get the Barcaly . Why you just use neymar , if neymar is on game , Ronney will not goal , so that if neymar hasn’t goal = lose

Payton, have you watched NepentheZ latest video? He is making a tournament for youtubers that have less than 10k subs to show the quality of FIFA videos that they make. Your videos are epic and it will help you gain more subs. Watch his latest video. Like to agree.

You should get rid of van Persie because you have better strikers than him and at the moment he is just a bench warmer and you will get a decent amount of money for him and you will be able to bring in a new player and if you are looking for a new striker look at reus or lewandowski