David de Gea – Manchester United’s Player of The Year – Best Saves 2014 – HD

Manchester United Online video Score: 4 / 5

Currently The FA Premier League blocked many videos, I had my 2 rooney
videos & Aguero, Suarez, Touré was blocked, so I take a risk to post this
video which I hope will not blocked as other. So Enjoy! PS : I’m sorry to
have forgotten his amazing save vs Suarez :s

De Gea should’ve started in goal for Spain in the World Cup, maybe they
wouldn’t have been eliminated in the group stage!

Yes, i love ddg.

he s big hes brave
hes spanish dave
he never shaves
he makes great saves
hes flying trough the air
come on have a shot if you dare

Just look how far this guy has come, first season was a nightmare for him
but fergie stuck by him and this gave this kid the belief. This is what
sets UTD apart from most other top teams, good players are given a stage to
shine. This guy is also aware of the prestige and history of the badge.
This is what we need players like this. Mata is the same as is Herrera,
they all are football fans and live and breath football. Van Gaal will also
bring that same mentality we had with fergie back. Not been so excited for
a new season for a long time, so hyped.

He will be the best in the world someday. He is young too, if you think
Casillas is good (which he is) look at this guy!

Great Video! So happy for de gea he’s been our best player this season by a
mile and has proved he’s one of the best keepers in the world, Spanish

As a United fan I thought he was terrible at the start of the season, but
he has improved so much reasently and hope he stays at united

Brilliant video KaiiZo! De Gea is a fantastic goalkeeper now and for the
future. I remember the first season when he couldn’t catch the ball from
crosses…it was terrible to watch. But look at him now, he looks like a
real English goalkeeper expect much better!

Hart=Overrated De Gea=Underrarted

Simply love De Gea’s style of saving. Cat like reflexes and amazing
reactions! He should be trailing behind Manu and may overtake him in a few
years’ time. Excited to see him play in the PL.

dont care what anyone says, hes gonna be the best keeper in the world soon
if he aint already.