Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Manchester United Home (English Commentary) – 03-04 By CrixRonnie

Manchester United Movie Score: 4 / five

practice makes c.ronaldo perfect……… he works hard and practiced to be legend in future …
if u r talking about talent …then i wanna tell u that…. talent is interest ……if u r interested in any work …if u do that work with ur feelings of heart …you can succes..

i think it just looks like that cause this is a cristiano ronaldo highlight………..

all the team that ronaldo had played in seems to have the same tactics,just give the ball to ronaldo and hope he scores

S.A Ferguson is like ‘ why is this guy playing for this club , he is going to be mine…

im not saying he has no skil he has all the skill and he gets all the acknowledgement for it but for the pundits and that to say ronaldo is definition of hard work and not natural talent i disagree with that cz he has the natural talent as seen in the clip above. there was an article about it. they act like messi doesnt have to train like everyone else. but its just everything in FIFA that is biased and works in advantage of barcelona thats why i think messi.

Ronaldo is the best player in the world in my opinion but messi is not a cheat he has a ton of skill he was with barcalona scine he was 11 years old and ya SCREW FIFA!!!

this how good he was when he was just 18 and people say hes not talent hes hardworking and call messi talent! so where was messi when he was 18. messi just popped up on the scene after he was done taking Steriods and and straight away won three Balln dors! fuck that cheat and the refs who help and fifa

still think messi is the best ??…Fuck off !!
btw nice video and nice moments with the real the best player in the world xD

why the fuck would a comp off a game would be sexy? :O

Great video btw thanks for the upload!