Cristiano Ronaldo – Top 10 Goals 2004/2012 Full HD Real Madrid And Manchester United

Manchester United Video clip Ranking: 4 / five

lol but if i were him i am sure i would be more cocky because he has reason to be cocky

I like him but he used to be so cocky i couldn’t stand him. He toned it down a little for his own good.

This isnt him playing wrong, is just from him being portuguese if he was brazilian or from argentina he sure would be well treated and he was declared the best of the world but no, they always say is messi but, messi is a fricking chiken never got out from barcelona,every player plays cool in barcelona, just need to have some skill, but not the best, i think iniesta is better than him, neymar too but that one is just growing up, Cristiano ronaldo was in diferent clubs,so stfu.

ye its vs portsmouth i jus found it on here, wont let me send you the link but you will easily find it its like 1minute forty seconds long

mate this is a very good video but you are missing one of his undoubtadly best goals i have it on a season review its when he was young like his first or second season at united it was vs either reading or portsmouth n he drilled it from well far out n it went in off the crossbar n he clicked his fingers like ali g after it, also the one vs arsenal where they counter attacked him n rooney was a special goal sky sports used it with an invisible ball for ages

Голы супер,но я не согласен с автором я бы убрал некоторые голы и вставил другие у Роналду самая бешеная 10-ка лучших голов будет!Хотя она и здесь лучшая!)

there are many goals, which u could replace. what about the biggest own in piques life: supercopa real vs barca in the bernabeu?
or the freekick 09/10 in the ucl bs marseille?
or his beautiful goal vs levante 11/12?
but still a good video. it is his fault. he shoots to many brilliant goals ;)

should change the title to “TOP 10 CRISTIANO RONALDO FREEKICK 2004/2013”

Hm, all the talk is on Messi yet I have never heard of or even seen a Messi goal that can even be contested to a single Ronaldo goal. Messi is a poacher, he sits up front for Barca and gets the little tap ins! RONALDO for life!

yeah it would, if it ever happened
messi dribbled about 6 players
and that was his only epic goal
Ronaldo have like 20 epic goals

neil. messi scored 72 goals in one season. it doesnt matter in how many leagues has he played its about the goals