Cristiano Ronaldo – Manchester United | Memories | Movie HD

Manchester United Online video Score: 4 / 5

Really miss him, in every game he would do something special, Madrid are very lucky to have him

I want him to come back more than ever. Him on the left and Valencia on the right would be just beautiful.

Call him a diver , fag , cheater whatever. He is Cristiano Ronaldo and he will always be the best football player for me <3

Should have never sold him, miss him like crazy and still my favourite player ever 🙁

If he comes back The 3 R’s Are going to dominate the world!! Please come back Ronaldo!!
Viva Ronaldo!!!!!

Dafuq are you talking about ? Young and Valencia have been poor this season’ if anything we need new wingers

He is gonna come backkkkkk. I just know it! Wow what an attack we would have if we had van Persie up front with Rooney.. then Ronaldo and Valencia/Young on the wings… unstoppable.. but we need defense if anything -__-