Chelsea v Manchester United Capital One Cup Preview!

Manchester United Video clip Ranking: 5 / 5

i know ive said this before but you should do a weekly podcadt about football and get other youtubers on as guests

could we not have fabio play right mid with rafeal right back have have them swap around in game canfuse the other team

Did you see when Giroud threw his shirt in the crowd and did not know about extra-time, lol!

cuz at the end of the day torres got the golden boot at the euros and hes not on the list

united should invest in yann mvila i think he would benefit chelsea aswell cuz i dont rate mikel

Why do people say Uniteds midfield is bad, we have a lot of good midfielders and carick is so under-rated

we had young players with ability arseanl had young players who looked like a bunch of headless chickens