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Manchester United Video Score: 4 / five

With all the young boys liverpool has. you cant say nothing!!! You are a fucking gay!!!

I guess you’ve been pasting the same comment every year. Remember your last comment back in 2006 as well. LFC 2006, fcuk you ya filthy Mancs.
You can obviously make one for next year as well cuz I’m pretty sure ya’ll won’t be winning anything this season either.

I am proud to be Dutch. V Persie and Alexander Büttner are great players! And so I became a Man Utd fan!

Looks like u wanted him in liverpool he doesnt want to join a club who doesnt win the trophies!

Quality player,future player for country and club hes a remarkable player with a great future ahead of him.

Though I do agree. It can’t be said that Buttner is better, certainly not from a few clips. He has looked decent enough though. He benefits from the fact we are predominantly a wing-based side. Some really good attacking play and intent shown from him on this video.

His drop in form has been quite worrying though it has to be said. He’s had some good games of late, which is great to see, but last season was quite unreal in the amount of goals we conceded where you could point to Evra’s poor positioning and concentration.

I’ve seen players like Carrick, Evans and Silvestre get absolutely grilled for making about 2-3 bad, costly errors in a season. But Evra (and Jones as well, when played) took the biscuit. They seem immune to that kind of criticism though.

Lol you guys can keep remembering the last time you were anywhere near the cup and we’l keep winning them. 🙂

“Better than Evra”? ….. fairweather fans dont deserve to support Man Utd. Evra’s not regarded as one of the best LB’s in the world cos of a few matches or a youtube highlight reel. Name a player as consistent at the top level? So what hes had a dip in form in recent times.. class will out as youll see. Idiots.

Don’t worry we still can see the best of LFC in NPOWER league perhaps….hahahahaha..GGMU!